Is Chrisette Michele a victim of our Cherry-picked wokeness

Recently I've been thinking alot about chrisette Michele .

i wouldnt say im an avid fan , i barely listen to her music but i know she's a well known recording artist .

What really bothered me was how this young lady was treated during the presidential inauguration. We all know that the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election  was a tumultuous , one that can only be described by a popular band name "Rage against the machine ".

Many popular artists declined invitations to perform for the office of the president , however against all odds Michele chrisette agreed to perform .She explained in many interviews that even though the decision she mad was unpopular it was her way of making peace with decision of the electoral college and the American people even though she didn't like their choice . As an artist her mode of expressing peace , love and cooperation is through music that’s what she does best !

As a very gifted song bird ,  she could use her voice to be divisive or to encourage us to love one another . Sadly her decision was treated as a travesty ! she was abused , and harassed online , family and friends disowned her , he record label dropped her - that's crucial it directly affects finances ! Nevertheless She still went through with the inaugural performance but months later & still feeling the brunt of being alienated she apologized to her fans .

Fast Forward to the spring of 2018 .Mr West (Kanye) aligned himself with Mr.Trump from  the very start .Kanye has done everything under the sky EVERYTHING i.e showed support of the trump campaign , put on a MAGA hat took pictures and tweeted about it , Put the Confederate flag on items in his clothing line , said he him and the president had dragon energy , said slavery was choice etc . We were mad , enraged and yet still all he got was a slap on the wrist because after endorsing and holding that position for over a year Mr. west released an album this summer of 2018 & after a week or so it peaked at No.1 on the billboard charts !!! YE

Where's the wokeness here ?

What did michelle do wrong ? why wasn't she afforded the same type of "thoughtfulness" we afford kanye ,Mike tyson and all the other celebrities that aligned themselves with the trump campaign and yet suffered no consequences ? why was she so severely punished for performing for the office of the President ?

I decided to look back in history to & understand why wasn't she afforded the same type of "thoughtfulness" we gave to many other artists at presidential inaugurations throught history starting 1961 . The 60's were not particularly the greatest of times for people of African Descent in America but yet we had the most  popular black talent on for performances and speeches i.e Nat king cole , Ella Fitzgerald , Harry Belafonte & Sidney Poitier. But Kenndey was a good man say i'll let that slide .

The Reagan Era ! 1969 , you had A list performers like James Brown . Obviously Mr.Brown used his platform to "protest" by performing say it loud i'm black and proud . Reagan unleashed the inhumane and vicious war on drugs  targeting black families and individuals but we did let those artists perform at the height of the civil rights movement ! NO Uproar.

1977 brought us Jimmy carter and yes our beloved Aretha Franklin was on hand to bless us with her beautiful voice at the presidential inauguration and again although Jimmy is a great guy the 60 and 70's were not particularly the most progressive of times in fact they were still the hardest of times for black folks But we had the civility of letting Aretha perform with no criticism.

And onto the Bush Dynasty --- 1989 obviously a texan of that caliber would never have the interests of black people or minorities at heart and this is littered all over bush's policies and legacy but we let the lovely Anita baker perform at the inauguration , clearly the bush years were not honeypie for black folks or any other minorities - it's America folks .

1993 blessed us with Bill Clinton a charming and charismatic democrat the inauguration performances included  My favorite artist Michael Jackson , stevie wonder , Diana ross , Ray Charles and the Goddess Aretha were the Clinton years the Best for a lot black folks ? Damn look at that list of performers ! Clinton had the Crème de la crème of black performers in history , but were the clinton policies kind to us in housing ? economics ? education ? .

We'll skip Bush Jr - nothing to talk about there .  Fast Forward to Obama , Beyonce performed at the inauguration , the ball included Alicia keys , John Legend , stevie wonder , Jennifer Hudson again the brightest and best of the black artist and whereas it was great to have a Biracial president in 2008 and much as that seemed very progressive , the Question again is how did the Minorities fair ?  did Obama Policies pull back all the racist legislation and harmful policies in America ? i don’t think so .

So why i'm i  Bringing up all these artists ? i brought this up to dissect our hypocrisy and cherry picking considering how we treated Chrisette Michelle . i don’t think that Anita Baker endorsed all harmful bush policies Domestic and Foreign , i don't this that Aretha franklin or Nat king cole endorsed all the harmful USA policies when they chose to perform in the for Reagan and other dignitaries. Did beyonce & stevie's performances mean they endorsed obama's drone policies and bombing of African countries from whence he hails ?

Why wasn't Michelle chrisette afforded the same regard and respect as  any other artist performing for the office of the president it's not like she was performing at a Trump campaign  NO ! it was the Inauguration , and like i already pointed out above , where did all this harshness come from , why did kanye get a slap on the hand for all his "bad behaviour " and still sore to the NO.1 on the billboard charts after he endorsed , put on that MAGA hat & met the president everyone detastes a month ago ?

No feminist picked up on this  Partisan Wokeness in 2018 and why are we so harsh on women Or do we just pick on easy targets ?  Well , its food for thought post 2016 Just trying to understand why it was okay for the left community to chastise chrisette and even threaten her career & financial prospects as if she was incapable of making a sound decision as an adult yet  we all downloaded Ye' and propped it to N0.1.

What i’m questioning is

  1. Why wasn't she allowed to express herself as an artist just like Ella, Anita or Michael ?
  2. Why wasn't she allowed to express herself in protest like James brown at the white house
  3. Why wasn't she allowed to take express her position like Kanye west, Azealia banks or Tina campbell ?

Or did she just happen to get in the cross hairs of the heated emotions of the 2016 election aftermath ? But why her ? we had who endorsed & voted Trump and we still didn't treat them like that .

hmmm .