Nature never goes out of style

There is..

The word gaia that falls from the lips of liars
Who resort to visit a resort to rekindle passions fire
Some go because tv told them so
Others because the freeness of nature is too nondescrript without a prepaid service and flesh on show...
Climate change a filtering of loose change
Into the pockets of those who would send you to an oxygen cafe to let you experience how a clean world should taste
We wont do yardwork but quick to try the machines at the county fair run on earths blood and created to simulate
The joy of living...
If I cannot see myself as a universal moment in a galactic tipping point
That makes me as equal as a pebble but more corrosive in how I join
My energies with the frequencies
That push forth fruit make flowers bloom 
and made arid lands fertile enough for man to copy nature and build hotels to doom
The cycle of all that was available and viable
Then perhaps I am the original infection gone viral because is man not liable
For his all year to pay someone else for their version of nature
While passing by your own unkempt backyards and poisoned by big pharma legislature...
Sunshine has no budget, the sea no red tape. 

By Genesis Factor For Ensi